About Us

Authentic Campaigns is a full-service digital strategy company that works for progressives who are ready to run innovative and unique digital campaigns.


What sets us apart? 

We are honest. We run digital campaigns that are deeply rooted in each client’s authentic voice because we understand that, in a crowded and noisy digital space, being genuine and sincere is the best method for cultivating an engaged and empowered audience. 

We are first. From natural disasters to the antics of the Trump Administration, we always strive to be the first to reach people’s inboxes and social media feeds because that’s when our audience will be looking to take meaningful action. We have a background in rapid response and a knack for finding creative and explosive moments for our clients to connect with their audience and expand their reach. 

We are hungry. At most big digital firms, clients are sold a bill of goods by partners and executives who hand-off work to interns and less experienced staffers right after the contract is signed. At Authentic Campaigns, you work directly with experienced principals who understand your goals are our goals. 

We are curious. There is nothing worse than a stale political consultant selling the same tired talking points and tactics used a decade ago. What sets Authentic Campaigns apart is our desire to grow, evaluate, and improve our digital programs for our clients. That’s why testing and optimizing are such an essential part of our model for digital success. 

Our team at Authentic Campaigns has built award-winning digital programs for candidates and organizations including Senator Kamala Harris, MoveOn.org, the ACLU, Governor Dan Malloy, and for hundreds of other political and non-profit advocacy clients.